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Property Conveyancing Transaction

Property Conveyancing Transaction

Our Conveyancing-lawyers help with the settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that our client is meeting all legal obligations and that our client’s rights are protected during this transaction. Both buyers and sellers will need to use the services of a professional-conveyancing, because both sides will have certain obligations that they must fulfill in a Contract of Sale.

Much of our conveyancing-lawyers’ activity is invisible to the buyer and seller but it is critical to the transaction happening.

The seller’s conveyancing lawyer. In the case of our lawyer acting for a seller, the seller’s lawyer make promises to the buyer’s lawyer that the property can and will be transferred to the buyer on receipt of the purchase price. Finally, the seller’s lawyer makes promises to the seller’s bank that any loan secured over the property will be repaid.

The buyer’s conveyancing lawyer. A buyer’s lawyer promises that the purchase price has been deposited to the seller’s lawyer’s account and that the funds will not be reversed.