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Our Banking lawyers focus on assist clients; banks and project owners for structuring and managing their legal works either in or out of the companies. 

Our Banking lawyers mostly assist clients (esp. bank) in any legal-advise, legal review and/or legal opinion in relation to their programs, products as well as their cooperation with the third parties. A well-managed legal proforma has made our clients more productive and focus on their business as the legal matters hold by our Banking lawyers.

Our Banking lawyers advise on non-contentious transactional matters, meaning advising on the provision of some form of financing in one shape or another.

Our Banking Lawyers frequently advise boards of directors, executive management and chartered committees in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties to these institutions, their creditors and shareholders, and the bank regulatory agencies.

Aside as the legal consultant for the Banking companies, our Banking Lawyers also represent clients (Bank) on litigation matters with their strong knowledge and experience in dispute resolution.