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Healthcare and Insurance

One of our most exciting departments is our Healthcare Practice Group. Few areas in business today are more important or more challenging. Our Healthcare practice focuses on medical practices and corporate, employment and tax issues associated with healthcare entities. The industries are heavily regulated, subject to a myriad of state and federal statutes, and involve complex legal challenges, which our attorneys are experienced and ready to handle.

Our Healthcare lawyers also work on our corporate, business, tax, real estate, and employment law to ensure that the business arrangements of our healthcare clients comply with regulations specific to the industry, as well as laws of general applicability to all businesses. These efforts include preparing contractual arrangements between healthcare professionals and litigating healthcare-related issues.

In addition, we provide counsel to healthcare entities in establishing personnel policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment-related laws, and in defending against employee lawsuits. The lawyers in our Healthcare Practice Group have the legal expertise to provide quality, timely, and cost-effective representation in all areas of Healthcare Law.