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Litigation: Commercial, Corporate, Tax, Family & Criminal

Litigation: Commercial, Corporate, Tax, Family & Criminal

Our Litigation lawyers assist clients in general commercial litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, shareholder issues as well as taxes disputes.

Our Litigation lawyers will work in consultation with the clients and represent their case and best interests to the court, with judges to get our client a favorable outcome.

Our Litigation lawyers also deal with the opposing litigation lawyer, attempting to resolve the dispute and come to an agreement between both parties in favor of their client.

We have litigated disputes at the trial, appellate levels as well as at the Supreme Court that literally encompass every area of the law.

Many cases can be taken to court for litigation such as commercial, property ownership dispute, banking, divorce, custody, small claims, criminal, etc. Our Litigation lawyers can also deal with cases whereby the client is being sued is suing another party.

We have earned a reputation for representing our clients’ interests aggressively, successfully and in a cost­-effective manner. We take pride in staffing each litigation appropriately and reasonably with sensitivity to the cost involved in litigation.  

Although we understand and embrace the necessity at times of aggressively litigating a matter in court, providing sound pre-litigation, negotiation, counseling and settlement strategies are of equal importance to what ultimately occurs in a court room.

Our focus always remains on the specific needs and goals of the particular client. These goals can be achieved through problem solving and creative resolution. When disputes cannot be resolved, our attorneys are well prepared to aggressively protect our client’s interests and to reach a successful conclusion to the litigation.  

BAS represents clients in the most practical and efficient manner, for all your litigation needs.