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Legal Due Diligence (LDD)

Lgeal Due Diligence (LDD)

Legal due diligence is an investigation into whether a business transaction is worthwhile. This type of transaction might be a merger or acquisition.

A legal due diligence investigation is necessary anytime there is the sale or purchase of another business. It might also be necessary when evaluating the purchase of proprietary goods or services from another company and in order to purchase properties.

A legal due diligence investigation ranges in cost. The cost of the legal due diligence investigation is proportionate to the amount of research necessary.

In legal due diligence, our lawyers will do legal analyses on the company’s documents for : 

  • Getting a legal explanation towards the company’s documents;
  • Checking legalization towards the legal entity/business entity; 
  • Checking towards the compliance of the legal entity/business entity;
  • Providing a legal opinion as the result.

A legal due diligence investigation takes place in three stages.

  1. Preparation
  2. Investigation
  3. Results (Report and Legal Opinion)

The most time-consuming part of the process is the investigation or the gathering of facts.


This stage of the legal due diligence is to set goals and priorities. Often there is one central goal or multiple smaller important goals that stand out from the rest. We always put important data to prioritize what information is most important.


During the investigation our lawyer or team of lawyers collects facts and documents. The findings will allow them to formulate a legal opinion as to whether the sale or purchase is worthwhile. There are many parts to the investigation.

  • Establish the Big Picture. This comes back to the goal of the investigation. Our lawyers will formulate the investigation around the central question or goal. This is also a good time to help the investigating lawyer understand the broad overview of your company.
  • Provide Documents and Interviews. The list of documents and interviews necessary for a legal due diligence investigation will likely surprise you with its length. The list of documents requested will likely be more documents than are Our lawyer's job is to create a full picture, which means being thorough in gathering information. Consider making one of your c-level officers available to answer questions. Interviews are an efficient way to gather information.


The results of a legal due diligence investigation are revealed at the end of the investigation. In the results, our lawyer will present the data in as concise way as possible. Our lawyer will also present a results summary which will point out the most important discoveries.

The results may also provide analysis or opinion. Our lawyer may offer an opinion as to the validity of the sale or purchase.

The results may be provided in written format or verbal conversation. This depends upon the size of the investigation and the preference of the lawyer and the client.

At the end of the process, our lawyers will provide you with the report of the legal due diligence and followed with the legal opinion as well.

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